Air Bubble Sheet

Protect your belongings with our bundles of real Sealed Air Bubble Wrap®. 12" wide x 80' long, with medium-sized bubbles. Perforated for easy separation. Ideal for moving and protecting glass and other fragile items.

Bubble Wrap (S): Foam roll is an excellent protection material particularly suited to sensitive and delicate surfaces eg furniture and TV screens plasma lcd led.

Bubble Wrap (L): Bubble wrap is useful for protecting all breakable items like plates and cups or to help items from scratching or scuffing. Use bubble wrap to protect your TV while in transit or protect your furniture from unwanted damage.

Water Proof Sheets

Stretch films Or plastic wraps Ideal for securing irregular shaped loads. A quick, quiet and clear way of wrapping, stabilizing and securing palletized goods. Protects from dust and weather when in storage or transit. Cast film will adhere to itself - and retains it's tension whilst in transit. Gives better grip after applying on slippery items (Safe).

Moving Boxes

Wardrobe Boxes: Keep your clothes clean and organised with this regular wardrobe box. Suitable for jackets trousers blazers shirts blouses and suits.

Moving Box Size 1: Double wall means reusable, recommended & suitable for heavier items, fragile items, smaller appliances, books, records, cds, videos, etc.

Moving Box Size 2: Double wall, suitable for general packing and storage - Larger household appliances, electrical items, crockery, toys, linen, clothes, shoes etc.

File & Document Box: This versatile archive box can be used to organise any part of your office, house , for transporting and storage.

Heavy Duty Platform Truck 150Kg capacity : Reduce the back breaking work of carrying all your packed removal boxes out to the van. Why not use a platform truck as used by the removals trade.

Packing Paper

Washing machine, fridge, freezer, paintings, pictures, mirrors, almira, wooden items and many more items and uses.

Loading Unloading

We, at SHREE SHYAM INTERNATIONAL PACKERS & MOVERS , not only provide packing, loading and moving services, but also Unloading Services. Unloading is as tedious task as Loading. Unloading of goods can make you tired. But with the help of professionals you can lessen your problems. Our expert workers unload your goods with proper care and making sure of safety of your goods. If you are in my full services, your stress of relocation will be totally removed. Our expert and experienced staffs do all things regarding relocation.

They take utmost care of your prized goods. They pack, load them on truck, and unload them at the final destination. Moreover, our services do not end here; our staffs also unpack and rearrange them according to your instruction

Packing Unpacking

The most predominant work of Packing Services Providers Company is to pack your home or office things in such a way so that they can reach at their last destination safe and sound. And we at SHREE SHYAM INTERNATIONAL PACKERS & MOVERS assure you for safe and secure packing. Our experienced packing professionals care even a small factor while packing your valuable belongings for their safe and sound arrival. They use best quality packing materials and latest packing machines so that they can ensure you the safety of your valuable and precious belongings. They take special care while packing of breakable items, such as; glass wares, clay items, electronic items, gift items, etc. For breakable items we use special cartoons and materials.

If packing is stressful task then unpacking is not less. It is also as boring as packing. To make your tedious task easy we, at SHREE SHYAM INTERNATIONAL PACKERS & MOVERS, offer best of unpacking services. And also provide useful information related to packing and unpacking. In unpacking the role of Packers & Movers can’t be ignored. Our experienced professionals and dedicated team help your unpack packing of your valuable belongings at new destination. While unpacking our staffs unpack quickly taking special care of your belongings. We help not only in unpacking but also rearrange your belongings according to your desire or instructions.

Shree Shyam Internaoinal Packers & Movers Unpacking Services involve following services :-

Unpacking of packed boxes, cartoons, etc and removing items from the cartoons or boxes

Washing and cleaning the shelves and placing your belongs in right place instructed by you

Removing waste and damaged items and keeping them aside for insurance claims

Positioning furniture at right place according to the desire of clients

Placing food items in pantry of refrigerator

Placing clothes in cupboards etc.